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May 11, 2020
Chemical risk management

The most severe industrial accidents are those involving dangerous chemicals, as they represent a significant threat to health and the environment. Furthermore, such accidents cause huge economic losses and disrupt sustainable growth.

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The first European app to empower citizens against floods, fires and extreme weather

Thanks to this app, citizens can warn other citizens of natural risks by sharing geolocalised photos and information on floods, fires and extreme weather. The research project I-REACT, funded by the European Commission, launches today a free app to keep citizens safe from floods, fires and extreme weather. The app enables its users to share pictures […]

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I-REACT First newsletter

I-REACT will be the first European-wide platform to integrate emergency management data coming from multiple sources, including that provided by citizens through social media and crowdsourcing. This way, we will be able to produce information faster and allow citizens, civil protection services and policymakers to effectively prevent and/or react against natural disasters. The project is a 3-year endeavour involving 20 European partners in […]

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Forecasting Wildfires in a Changing Climate

Meteosim presented a poster in the last EGU assembly (April 2017) The poster explains several complementary methodologies implemented by Meteosim in order to estimate fire danger in a generalized fuel type computation, using the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index (FWI) over Europe. This work has been performed for several timescales: a) For short term forecast from […]

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I-REACT: Project Meeting in Barcelona

Barcelona was the venue for a project meeting of members of I-REACT project in November 2016

I-REACT project partners (from 10 different European countries), have met on 24 and 25 November at the premises of the new prevention park of Barcelona's City Council Firefighters, and under the coordination of METEOSIM.

This meeting is part of the project follow-up meetings. This particular one had as objective the revision of the design of the different services and products that are being developed during this project.

METEOSIM, together with FINNISH METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE (FMI) and EOexplore, is responsible for providing seasonal forecasts, climate projections and fire hazard indexes that will feed the DSS platform for improved flood and fire management.

I-REACT (Improving Resilience to Emergencies through Advanced Cyber Technologies) is a European project which is co-funded by the European Union under the H2020 programme, which has a budget of 6.5 million euros and which will run for 36 months.


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